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Build Your Legacy; Protect Your Estate

No one likes to think of a time when incapacity may strike or, eventually, when one’s life will end. However, thoughtful people realize the importance of planning for those eventualities. Estate planning can smooth the way for family members or other named responsible parties. Estate law provides that opportunity through:

  • Advance medical directives
  • Powers of attorney
  • A will
  • One or more trusts
  • Other estate planning strategies and tools

Estate planning is one of the most powerful privileges that the law offers to people of all social statuses. The Law Offices of Duane S. Lindsey, APC, has a long track record of client satisfaction in estate planning, probate and probate litigation.

What Will Make Up Your Estate Plan?

A will, one or more trusts, and one or more powers of attorney are all elements of effective estate plans. When you create these documents and devise other estate planning solutions with the help of a trusted local attorney, you can have enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have done your best to preserve assets and simplify matters for your beneficiaries – possibly your spouse, children, parents, brothers and sisters, close friends, business partners and/or favorite charitable causes.

Can you do it yourself? Some people try, and the results are nearly always less than ideal. Do-it-yourself wills may give you a false sense of security, while setting up your beneficiaries or heirs for undesirable consequences. A poorly crafted will may be challenged with a will contest or may trigger probate litigation that can leave lasting divisions among family members.

If You Have No Estate Plan

If you do not put together an estate plan, the state of California has laws that will dictate where your assets will go someday. However, many people would not approve of the state’s prescribed distribution of their property after their deaths (and possibly, higher estate taxes than necessary). A properly signed will can give you authentic peace of mind, through the knowledge that your wishes will be legally enforceable.

A will can also specify your and your spouse’s choices for guardians of any minor children who may survive you.

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