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When Estate Administration Runs Into Conflict

During probate or in the process of administering a trust after someone’s death, disputes may arise and throw a wrench in the settling of an estate. You may find yourself on either side of the coin (plaintiff or defendant) in a dispute over a will, a trust or any aspect of an estate. Does one of these situations describe your position with respect to an estate?

  • You are an executor (personal representative) and one or more beneficiaries claim that you are mismanaging the estate during the probate process. You face accusations of breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Your portion of inherited assets as spelled out in a will seems much less than what you expected, and you suspect your deceased loved one was manipulated into changing the will. You believe you need to bring a will contest to set matters straight.
  • You are a business partner, a creditor or someone else with financial ties to the decedent, and you believe the estate owes you assets or money. You are ready to bring a probate litigation against the estate to prevent unfair losses and protect your interests.
  • The terms of a will or trust are vague enough to have created controversy between you and your siblings or other family members as to the correct distribution of assets. You may bring a claim or be targeted through probate or trust administration litigation.

Turn To An Experienced, Trusted Adviser

Whatever challenge you face on any side of an estate-related issue, the Law Offices of Duane S. Lindsey, APC, can be a valuable resource. Attorney Duane S. Lindsey’s years of experience and dedication to personalized representation can be assets on your side.

Disputes Involving Estates, Trusts, Powers Of Attorney And Guardianship

Our law firm can also address other estate and probate issues that you are grappling with, such as:

  • Modification of a trust
  • Appointment of a guardian when someone is unable to execute a designated power of attorney
  • Contesting a guardianship or defending a guardianship against a legal challenge

Complications may arise if an estate plan was never updated to include a specific asset or if a lawsuit challenges the way in which an estate plan was structured.

Discuss Your Concerns With A Dedicated Estate Lawyer

Attorney Duane S. Lindsey is eager to hear about your problems and recommend a cost-effective path to resolution. Many clients return to the firm repeatedly over the years once they discover the value of Mr. Lindsey’s one-on-one attorney-client interactions. To schedule an initial consultation about pending probate or trust litigation, call 949-617-3590 or send an email message through this website.