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Reliable Real Estate Counsel

Real estate dealings are among the most consequential financial matters in anyone’s personal or business portfolio. A purchase, sale or lease agreement needs to have solid footings, including a favorable inspection, a clear title and fair contract terms. With or without a real estate agent or leasing company involved, an attorney’s review is a sound investment.

Whatever type of real estate services you need or are involved in, lawyer Duane S. Lindsey’s trustworthy advice can prevent trouble and ensure a secure transaction. You may be preparing to buy, sell or lease a residential or commercial property in Orange County. The Law Offices of Duane S. Lindsey, APC, can provide the direction you are looking for.

Attorney Duane S. Lindsey is known for personalized service, ample one-on-one attorney-client interactions and a thorough understanding of local real estate trends in Orange County.

A Full Range Of Real Estate Transaction Services

With years of experience in Newport Beach and beyond, we are available to provide the guidance you need in any aspect of a real estate transaction, such as:

  • A title review
  • Obtaining financial backing from a trusted lender
  • Making a purchase offer
  • Negotiating repairs or other modifications to a property
  • Lease term negotiations
  • Understanding or obtaining title insurance or any type of insurance required for the completion of a transaction
  • Arranging for a lawyer’s guidance before or during a purchase-sale closing
  • Partitioning a piece of land or combining adjacent parcels, with or without structures included
  • Obtaining zoning
  • Selling a property in connection with the settling of an estate (distributing proceeds among multiple owners, for example)

Litigation Over Residential Or Commercial Property

Duane S. Lindsey is also an experienced litigator. Our firm welcomes inquiries regarding property-related disputes such as:

  • A quiet title action
  • Boundary and easement disputes
  • Adverse possession
  • A zoning challenge
  • Commercial property usage disputes with adjacent owners or government entities
  • Specific performance lawsuits to force purchase or sale of a property after an offer has been formally accepted and the buyer or seller wants to renege

The Law Offices of Duane S. Lindsey, APC, will work to protect your interests in these or other real estate conflicts in Orange County.

Get The Advice And Help That You Need

Avoid delays and complications as you meet whatever challenges you face involving a single-family or multiple-unit residential or commercial property. Request a consultation at your earliest convenience through this website or by calling 949-617-3590.