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About The Attorney And The Law Practice

Attorney Duane S. Lindsey has dedicated his career to meeting the needs of countless clients in a variety of legal practice areas, including estate planning, probate, trust litigation and real estate law. At the Law Offices of Duane S. Lindsey, APC, we believe in delivering personalized legal services. Mr. Lindsey devotes one-on-one time to get to know each client and establish fruitful attorney-client interactions.

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What To Expect When You Consult With The Law Offices of Duane S. Lindsey, APC

During an initial consultation and in continuing communications with the lawyer and the law firm, you can expect a free-flowing give and take of ideas. Mr. Lindsey will listen first and then share clearly what the firm has to offer. He will explain the law and legal processes in language that you can understand. He will educate you and prepare you to make the right decisions for your own best interests.

As you continue doing business with us, you will become like one of the family: a name, not a number: A valued individual whose complex goals and objectives can be best addressed through customized legal counsel.

Are you contemplating the best ways to manage and protect a complex estate through all phases of life and beyond your lifetime? Are you aiming for a safe and profitable purchase or sale of residential or commercial real estate? Our law firm is prepared to guide you accordingly, taking into account all unique aspects of your finances, family and goals.

A Trusted Local Lawyer

Residents of Newport Beach and other communities of Orange County appreciate Mr. Lindsey’s intimate understanding of this geographical region and its people. You may own a business, a vacation home or other investment properties. Mr. Lindsey is likely very familiar with what these assets mean to you and is ready to advise you in line with the results you are looking for.

To schedule an initial consultation about a specific legal matter or just as a get-to-know-you introduction, please call 949-617-3590 or send an email inquiry along with your preferred methods of communication. We look forward to hearing from you.